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PuppyDog Resting in Dog Bed

Think of your dog like he was your baby and you will realize that only the best will do in terms of dog supplies.  That means food, toys, medication, grooming tools and bed, to name but a few essential items. Below is a dog supplies buying guide to help you in making the right decision when purchasing dog supplies.

Dog Food and Treats

Your dog’s needs should be the important thing when considering what food or treat to buy him, not what you think looks nice. Food must contain the proper balance of vitamins and minerals, particularly for growing puppies. Sporting and working dog breeds need to eat food that will sustain their hyperactive lifestyle. Dogs that aren’t getting any younger,  need low-calorie food to avoid weight gain.  Don’t scrimp on the budget here no matter how compelling it might be.  A healthy dog is reflected in the food he eats.

Dog Leashes and Collars

The size and weight of the dog should be taken into account when choosing the right dog collar. The collar’s material is important too; nylon is good for water-loving dogs since it is more durable and light. For a tougher look, leather collars look smart, are strong and can even be accessorized with spikes if you have a butch dog.  Don’t try it on a small dog though; it will just look silly.

A retractable leach is a good idea if you can’t let your dog run free, but be careful not to let it out too far when walking near a road.  There are also cotton, nylon and leather leashes available, and if you have a particularly strong dog, you may want to use a choke chain.

Dog Toys

The safety of your dog should be the top priority when looking for a dog toy. You won’t get much fun from a toy which could endanger your dog’s life. A dog toy should be large enough so that it can’t be swallowed by your pet. However, it should be small enough for your dog to be able to grip it well.

The durability of the toys will need major consideration too, especially for dogs that are serious chewers. Light chewers can settle for vinyl and latex dog toys.  Don’t be tempted to use sticks from the park, as dogs will chew these and the wood can splinter and stick in their throats.

Training Guides for Your Dog

Dog whistles, dog harnesses and bitter-tasting sprays are part of the wide array of dog-training guides that will keep a dog from chewing. If the chewing problem is a lot more serious, you may want to use a dog bark collar or an electric fence. Do make sure that you remain consistent and humane when training your dog.

There are many dog training books and DVDs available which can help you.

Dog Health Items

Tick and flea infestation control medications are available to ensure that your dog is treated against these pests. Brands like Advantix, Advantage and Frontline are some of the popular flea and tick drugs on the market.

Your dog’s dental health should never be taken for granted either. Dog supplies available in this regard are dog toothbrushes and toothpastes, and even dog toys are now made available to maintain the dental health of your pet.

No matter what dog supplies you need to buy for your dog, try to get the best that you can afford.

For lots of affordable dog supplies and accessories, visit our Dog Care page.

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