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Because a dog is considered to be “man’s best friend,” dog training professionals are keen to share with dog owners dog training tips on how to make the animal live up to that title.

Here are some dog training tips that you should keep in mind if you want to train your dog more easily.

Digging Behavior

Dogs, as social beings, consider digging as their outlet when they are lonely. Nutrient deficiency may also cause this behavior. Also known as pica, they sometimes eat the dirt they dig up to supplement their diet. Spending more time with your dog to save him from being bored, and giving him a health check to make sure that he is not suffering from some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency, will keep his digging behavior at bay.

Potty Training

For potty training a dog, a reward-based method will usually work very well. Giving the dog a biscuit or other treat when it performs good potty behavior, will encourage the dog to remember that using newspaper or asking to go out is the right thing to do.

Repeat and Repeat

No matter what you’re trying to train your dog to do, numerous repetitions will give your dog ample time to grasp what you’re trying to teach him. Consistency is the name of the game. After enough repetitions, don’t help him with the task, and you will be able to tell if he really got it. Three successful attempts in a row is a good gauge of whether your dog actually understands what you want him to do.

Direct and Correct

Communicate to the dog how the task should be. Be clear on what you want the dog to do. Use your voice and visible hand signals to direct your dog.  If he does it wrong, correct him then he’ll know for next time.

Timing is Important

Timing means that you should consider the age of the dog when trying to train him. It is best to train dogs while they are still puppies. Remember that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” saying; it’s quite true.

Be More Stubborn Than the Dog

Establishing rapport with the dog must always be in this order: you as the alpha dog (authoritative) and him as the submissive being. Show any sign of fear when he snaps back, and you damage that rapport. Don’t let the dog not complete the exercise, or he will think he’s won the game.  Remember that you are the boss.

Be A Good Actor

Here are a few more dog training tips. Provide your puppy with an outlet for his chewing urges. Also, you may practice yelping loudly, when your pup starts to chew on you. After yelping, fold your arms and ignore him for ten minutes. This mirrors what a litter of puppies would do. But depending on your puppy’s personality, he may react otherwise, such as biting more. In this case, use a more aggressive approach, or shut him up in his crate for a short while.

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